SMBANK offers Real Time Gross Settlement System (RTGS) & National Electronic Fund Transfer system (NEFT) which enables an efficient, secure, economical and reliable system of transfer of funds from bank to bank.

1) RTGS:- Real Time Gross Settlement System :- This is An electronic payment system in this system payment instructions between banks are processed and settled individually and continuously, on a real time basis, throughout the day. This facility is available for transaction Amount Rs.2.00 lacs and above.

2) NEFT :- National Electronic Fund Transfer system:-  This is Another electronic payment system in which payment instructions between banks are processed and settled on deferred net settlement (DNS) basis at fixed times during the day.There is no minimum or maximum stipulated transaction value for using this facility.

Need Following Information for transfer of Funds  by using RTGS/NEFT Facility

  1. Remitted Amount ,
  2. Debit Account Number
  3. Name of the beneficiary bank
  4. Name of the beneficiary customer
  5. Account no. of the beneficiary customer
  6. Sender to receiver information, if any
  7. IFSC code of the receiving branch.(IFSC Code is printed on cheque leaves.)

RTGS and NEFT facilities are available at all our branches. For further details, please contact our nearest branch For Contact Details Please click on Following Link:-





Rs.200000 To 300000

Rs.300001 To 500000

Rs.500001 and Above 

Rs. 15/- (Including GST)

Rs. 25/- (Including GST)

Rs. 50/- (Including GST)


Rs. 1 To 100000/-

Rs.100001/- To 200000/-

Rs.200001/- To 300000/-

Rs.300001 and Above 

Rs. 5/-(Including GST)

Rs. 10/-(Including GST)

Rs. 15/-(Including GST)

Rs. 25/-(Including GST)



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