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मे. जन. मॅनेजर / शाखाधिकारी तारीख :  

दि संगमनेर मर्चंट्स को - ऑपरेटिव्ह बँक लिमिटेड, संगमनेर -

अर्जदाराचे नाव : Period of Statement:
पत्ता :
हायपोथीकेशन लोन खाते नं. : शाखा :
फोन नं. : मोबाईल नं. : ई-मेल :

We solemnly declare that the quality, quantity and rates of the stock noted herein and Hypothecated/ pledged to the Bank are true and the said stock is either our own absolute properly or that we have such an interest in the same as entitles us to Hypothecated/ pledged the same with the Bank to the full extent of the Banks advances to against these goods and that they are not subject to any lien, claims of charges of any sort and on the strength of this declaration of ours the advance has been taken in order to verify out of above statement. The Bank is at liberty to get goods weighted any or valued at any time at our expense and we here by agree to accept as conclusive proof the result of such weighment and or valuation as certified by duly authorized officer of the Bank.

आमच्या दुकानात आज रोजी आपणाकडे तारण असलेल्या मालाची यादी खालीप्रमाणे आहे.
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